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Ingredients: Candles made from organic soy wax,  with natural cotton wicks... hand poured in Pennsylvania. Oil blends are made from natural fragrances and/or essential oils, carefully combined with extra virgin olive oil. 

Each candle was carefully and thoughtfully designed and poured by artist Ashley Catherine Fontones to connect the customer with a selected deity and concept.


Disclaimer: Magick is "Spicy Psychology", and not meant to actually grant wishes, invoke spells, etc. Any type of spellwork starts with the caster, and nothing is possible without contributing a little bit of effort. Heart & Heathenry candles are meant to inspire you. Always burn within sight, keep away from children and pets, and be mindful of wick length. For more safety information, please see the bottom of each candle jar or tin.  

Meet the Goddesses

3 Sisters Collection

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love & Beauty. Burn to inspire self-love


Athena: Goddess of warfare, wisdom & the arts. Burn to inspire clarity


Persephone: Goddess of spring and the Underworld. Burn for balance and duality


Titans Collection

Hestia (sold out): Goddess of the hearth and home. Burn for that cozy feeling of hearthcraft



Hecate: Patron goddess of witches. Burn to inspire manifestation


Selene: Ancient goddess of the Moon. Burn to inspire astral travel

Not sure which scent is right for you? Take our quiz below 


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