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A whole lot of living

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It's been a few years since I both started this blog and seemingly abandoned it. But in truth-- a lot has changed. I'm not really one for sharing my life with others anymore (I've been abandoning social media like crazy) but I definitely think there's validity in sharing a bit of my bridal bewilderment if it will help others. That's right, I'm getting married in November, in the midst of the global pandemic.

It's been nearly two years since I tried to jump start my blog, and really, it wasn't about having nothing to write about or having writer's block (I'm a journalist and columnist in my day-to-day life) it was more about letting life lead the way. My life has taken me on quite the journey in the past two years:

  • I got engaged

  • I went through some health changes

  • I went through a lot of changes in my career

  • I started a podcast (that is on hiatus)

  • My fiancee and I bought a house

  • We adopted a rescue pup

  • I graduated with my Master's Degree

  • I'm planning a wedding for November

  • and of course... Coronavirus.

After seeing it all typed out-- that's a lot of living in just two years. Blogging definitely ended up low on my to-do list.

I write and edit copy for a living at a small-town newspaper. I love my job, and part of it includes supporting other small papers in areas across my region. It's fast-paced, always challenging, but at the end of the day, I know we make a difference in my community-- no matter what readers think of us.

Even though I write every day, I've noticed that I have been looking to write even more since the onset of the pandemic. It's mostly been little blurbs or thoughts in random word documents that I tend to lose, but nonetheless, what matters is I've been writing.

Considering everything I've been able to do, literally magick on a shoestring budget, I thought it wouldn't hurt to blog about it. Whenever I am looking for some tidbits of advice, or something to validate my experience, I tend to turn to other blogs. It usually starts with a google search, and I don't follow any writers religiously, but I think it's time I change that as well.

For now, I plan on sharing my experience regarding planning a wedding during a global pandemic, because despite a ton of setbacks, it's a bright positive ray of sunshine for me. And I do love a challenge.

Thanks for stopping by, make yourself comfortable, and sit a spell. I've got some writing to do.

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