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Being a boss witch at home

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I'm so grateful to be working from home during a time like this.

There's a lot of ways us witchy types can make working from home, work for us. I've found that doing a good clean, sprucing up my workspace, or trying to hone a positive attitude has helped immensely in 2020. And since I spend more time in my home office than anywhere else, making it a space that is magickal to be in helps make that time pass easier. I even find that I stay home more often and use the space for more than just work (which I suppose is safer these days!)

It wasn't easy at first, I can't lie, but after nine whole months of this I think I'm starting to get a handle on it. Here's a bit of unsolicited advice on how to make working from home a bit easier, and more magickal.

Clean your space of clutter, and unwanted energy

It doesn't matter if you're working in a cozy nook or cavernous spare room, a witch's workspace is a reflection of their mind. Do you prefer organized chaos over clutter? Or are you someone drawn to a bit more minimalistic vibe? It might help to give your space a good, ritualistic clean.

Many Wiccans find themselves cleaning their homes before their next ritual. It's not so bad an idea, and I'm partial to sweeping negative energy right out my front door before a new moon (hello witch's broom.) For me, less clutter means I can focus better. But its not always the same for everyone. After all, a messy desk may be a sign of genius.

Ritual cleansing is performed by many religions around the world. From those of the Jewish faith to followers of Hinduism, the act of ritual bathing and cleansing predates the idea of "washing our cares away."

Practioners of Scottish folk magic might try a type of "saining" that is performed to cleanse a space using the element of fire or water. Learn more at

Using incense to prepare a space for ritual may date back to ancient Egypt.

Do you do negative energy cleanses with sage when you clean your house? The act is borrowed from "smudging," a ritual performed by indigenous peoples of North and South America— who use sage, palo santo, and other fragrant grasses and woods to cleanse spaces and people of energies.

The direction you sage in matters: flourish your bundle in a clockwise direction, and it's said you'll invite energies in. Nothing is "wanted" or "unwanted"; you are simply opening and closing your energy door (so they say.) It helps if you visualize what exactly you'd like to invite into your home. Sage counterclockwise to close that door (always good for kicking negativity to the curb.) If you're not one to believe in magick, think of it as a visualization exercise.

Surround yourself with inspiration

The way your space looks can serve as a source of inspiration for some.

If you've got room, find one fantastic thing that makes you smile. It can be a photo of someone you love or look up to, a favorite crystal (or rock— rocks deserve love, too) or pulled tarot or oracle card (which can be selected with care, or chosen at random for a bit of excitement.) Put it in a place you can look to when you're in need of a boost.

I've spent these last 9 months making my home office look like a space I actually want to spend some time in. It's gone from a storage room with a desk to a calm space that I hang out in all day. I've been slowly furnishing the room without spending a fortune thanks to websites like Wayfair and Amazon (not sponsored!)

If you're looking to spruce up your work space, but working on a tight budget, start small.

Address immediate needs and gradually create a space you will love over time. Take the opportunity to address ergonomics and comfort while you work. Is your desk too tall? Are you using a stool, dining chair or couch to sit in all day? Start with the pain points, and that will help set the tone for the rest of the project.

Invest in new stationary if that makes you happy. I'm the type of person who likes to buy cute notebooks on pens online. Just looking at a bright yellow notebook makes my day.

Speaking of yellow— color can do a lot for a room, if that's what you're into. Most of my house is decorated in black and white, but my office is my creative space, so I let myself go a little wild (if you can consider pale green walls and natural wood "wild.")

If you have the time and money, you could paint a wall or four in your workspace to change the vibe. Don't just pick your favorite color or a trendy neutral, though. Sit down and think about a color you won't mind staring at for hours on end.

There's plenty of research to back up how color impacts your mood, and if you're looking to balance a specific chakra (or all of them), there's a hue for that:

Red - Red can inspire passion (or make you hungry) while pink can bring a soft, feminine vibe. Red is also associated with the root chakra, which can be related to grounding or masculine energy. If your root is out of balance, you may feel more aggressive. When you're in balance, you may feel safe and content.

Orange - Orange can also boost appetite, or it can energize and bring happiness. Orange is associated with the Sacral chakra, which can be found in the lower abdomen, under the naval. When the Sacral is in balance, it is said we are at our most creative.

Yellow - Yellow brightens a room and signifies happiness. It's also associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, which is connected to intellect and personal power.

Green - Green is a healing, peaceful color that's not just for the walls of a dentist's office. It's related to the Heart chakra, which is the seat of compassion and love.

Blue - Blue is considered a calming color, and signifies the Throat chakra. This chakra allows us to accept ourselves and speak our truths. Darker blues can feel mysterious, like magickal indigo.

Indigo - Indigo is a mysterious marriage of blue and violet, and represents the Third Eye chakra. This chakra is the seat of wisdom and consciousness and allows the seeing of inner and outer worlds.

Violet - Violet as a paint color can be romantic and mysterious at the same time, as its a mixture of blue and red. Its associated with the Crown chakra (along with the color white) and relates to divine joy and inspiration.

Black - Black is the reflection of all colors on the light spectrum, and is a power color for us witchy types, as it is made up of all hues and shades.

White - White is also associated with the Crown chakra, which relates to divine joy and inspiration. I can't agree more— white is the proverbial blank canvas. Most walls in my home are white (except for my office) but are not without color. It makes a clean backdrop for colorful artwork or bright furniture.

Brown or wood - Brown is the color of the Earth, and wood has obvious associations with the Earth as well. Such colors can bring warmth to your space, and inspire those who feel a connection with Green paths. Different tones of wood make a difference, too. I find my blonde-wood desk and easel a bit more joyful than my dark wood bedroom furniture, which somehow makes me sleepy.

— Info on chakras from

Remember to take breaks

I'm pretty sure I've worked a 15-hour shift at my day job at least once without moving an inch since I've been working remotely.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is no good for witches of any age, whether you're what the WitchTokers would call a "babywitch" or pushing noble crone status. Even if you're not the type to enjoy a quick workout, making sure you move while working from home could preserve your health for years to come.

According to the Forbes Coaches Council, you should be moving every 90 minutes. And that doesn't mean rolling your chair from one side of the room to the other, I mean actually get up and move. Setting aside time to go for a brisk walk or squeeze in some exercise is major. If you work a stressful job and can't risk leaving the room (I'm in that boat) try getting up and walking in place, doing some jumping jacks or stretches. Bonus points if you can stand while you work (I find myself working at a kitchen counter with my laptop when I start to feel a little achy.)

Leaving your desk is not just a good idea for your physical health, its probably good for your mental health, too. We all know that too much work makes Jack a dull boy. If you like to meditate, set up a spot in your house where you can comfortably peace out for a few minutes. I love laying on my floor. No really, I love it (please don't lay out on your floor if you have issues with your back or mobility.)

Ashley C. Fontones
Setting aside a clear space for work can help increase productivity and decrease stress. Stationary and pens: Amazon; white candle: Project 62 (Target), crystallized pillar candle: Amethyst & Amber (gift).

Give yourself a pep talk

I find myself dealing with a lot of negative feedback at work (it comes with the job) so sometimes I can feel pretty down. While I'm not suggesting you seek out compliments, sometimes a pep talk from a friend or loved one can be the boost you need. These are extra-stressful times we are living in, and we are all in this together.

If you are feeling lower than usual, please seek out some help from a trusted resource. Many companies offer mental health assistance through their human resources department. If you don't have access to something like that, consider checking out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mental health page, a mental health site, or a helpful hotline.

Affirmations can work wonders, too. Wiccans are used to using "specific" language when setting intentions or doing spellwork. Apply that to yourself. Tell yourself why you deserve happiness, and be specific. "I will be happy, because (insert reason: i.e. because you deserve it!) If you find yourself giving a pep talk to someone who needs it, you can use the same type of language.

During one of my low moments during the pandemic, a good friend suggested I write down a few good things I got done at work each day for a week. It gave my self esteem a boost and reminded me to seek no one else's approval but my own.

Sometimes, you need more than just a fresh coat of paint, lunch break or a pep talk, but I hope these little tips help. They've helped me get through 2020 while working from home.

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