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Mabon and the autumnal shift

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hello to those of you who have stumbled upon this site! Welcome to Heart & Heathenry, a half-personal, half lifestyle blog that has been the culmination of various projects over the past few years.

First, it was a paranormal skepticism blog I called Pareidolic, next it was a blog very similar to this one called Pocono Heathen, although that project never quite made it off the ground. I've decided that the third time is literally the charm, and I'm dusting this project off one last time to share with all of you. H&H will be more personal than anything. I'll be sharing ghost stories, magickal tidbits, recipes, holistic health tips, some artwork-- you name it.

I live in the mountains, but not just any mountains. This particular region can be both a tourist's dream and a local's nightmare, but I prefer to sit somewhere in between.

Fall is upon us, and although heavy rains have altered the look of our leaves, that doesn't stop us magickal types from celebrating the highly-anticipated shift in seasons.

That's right, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm talking about the autumnal equinox, or Mabon if you that's what you prefer.

Mabon may go by many other names, but the purpose is generally shared among many Earth-based faiths. It is to celebrate the second harvest, to give thanks for the abundance of summer, and prepare for the new year.

Many who follow the wheel of the year may choose to forego Mabon as a "lesser holiday" , but for some it's a day they look forward to for months (writer raises her hand).

Its somewhat akin to North American Thanksgiving. The traditional foods may be similar, the colors, the scents and overall feelings of coming together may remind you of happy times with friends and family. The act of giving thanks and receiving abundance is celebrated as a holiday this time of year by many groups, regardless of faith.

This year, Mabon starts on Sept. 21 and goes until the 29th, so if you're feeling like you don't have time to celebrate tomorrow, don't fret! You've got plenty of time to honor the equinox in your own way. Here's a few things you can do:

Practice mindful eating this week

Think of it as a "fast" for the holiday. Be aware of what you put inside your body this week. Allow your senses to take stock. I typically have a heightened sense of smell and taste this time of year, so I try to cater to that. Try giving up something you know you shouldn't eat, like junkfood, something that irritates your stomach, alcohol or even go vegetarian or vegan for a few days. Each meal is an offering to yourself and to the energy around you, so be mindful of it! Make a seasonal meal and enjoy WITHOUT distraction! Whatever this means for you, make it happen. When I think seasonal foods for fall, I'm craving mushrooms, onions, pumpkin, cinnamon, hearty breads, etc. Try a mushroom omelette with some home-brewed coffee, sans the smartphone. If you're not into dairy or mushrooms, or cooking, try seeking out an organic tomato or pumpkin soup next time you're out shopping. Most aren't too expensive and are souper convenient.

Clear your space

Spring cleaning seems like something you'd do a few months ago, but I'm going to suggest a twist... Fall cleaning! Clear out clutter, give the place a good scrubbing, rearrange furniture if you like. Get rid of or donate clothing that doesn't fit, is out of style, or items just taking up space. Make some room for fun fall goodies ;) If you'd rather not spend the energy cleaning, try out some literal energy clearing or chakra aligning meditation to clear out negativity. There are plenty of guiding meditation videos on Youtube for all different preferences.

Reconnect with yourself

You'd wouldn't be on this blog if you weren't into some type of spiritual journey making now would you? This is a great time of year to reflect on who you are, what you want for the year ahead, and who you are spiritually. That may mean reaffirming your faith in science, your religion, spirits, and simply yourself. I wholeheartedly believe that spirituality transcends religion, deities, and belief itself. Spirituality might very well lie within us, and its up to us to do with that what we will.

And remember-

See the good in others , Speak good words, and Listen to your heart.

Mabon is truly a great time of year to look inward, celebrate the goodness in our life, and accept what's in store for the year to come!

Stay bright!

- Ashley

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