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Tap into your inner Aquarius

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Harnessing the harvest moon energy for manifestation

This weekend is packed with triple the energy-- Full harvest, Aquarian, Mabon moon. [A. FONTONES FOR HEART & HEATHENRY]

With a full harvest moon set for Sept. 23-24 (in Aquarius!), and Mabon starting the 21st (today), you’ll want to make use of this doubled-up energy. Maybe it's tripled if you take into account the Aquarius factor.

Mythological Aquarius, or Ganymede, was whisked away to the heavens to serve as cup bearer to the gods of the Greek pantheon. It's easy (or maybe not so easy) to make the connection between “cup bearer” and the abundance of blessings associated with Mabon (think CORNUCOPIA… get it? Because it's shaped like a cup of some sort...) Aquarius as astrological sign is an archetype of friendship, collaboration, and futuristic musings. Aquarius is a problem solver and leader with a creative streak. Seek them out for a dose of artistic and righteous energy, or when you need a peacemaker.

Connect these dots anyway you will, but I’m starting to feel like this full moon may be the perfect time to seek out some help from the universe, whether you're looking for it or not.

Mabon often inspires us to become introspective, and to reflect on the year past and make plans for the year ahead. Why not tap into the power of Aquarius to turn some of that musing into manifestation?

Typically, I’ll start a manifestation with the new moon. I like to devote an entire month to this sort of thing. But after reading into a few of these symbolic alignments, I couldn’t help but jump on the full moon bandwagon.

After a few weeks of stress in every aspect of my life, it was easy to feel the call of the full harvest moon. When I look at our grandmother moon, I feel peace and understanding. I feel that oneness with anyone who may be also staring at her at the same time. My ancestors respected the moon and her multiple faces, and so with Mabon, do we embrace the many faces of life. We look at the past, and then look forward to the future. We take stock of our blessings, and hope for bright things ahead. If you're looking to make peace with your past, or perhaps move forward on a new path, this may be the perfect time.

It's a great weekend to practice energy work. Anything that stimulates the senses can stimulate energy. Burn some fresh herbs (like fresh mint or seasonal cinnamon) to awaken your sense of smell and attract abundance. Take the time to soak in a warm bath or just take a few extra moments in the shower. Yesterday I suggested practicing mindful eating, even just for a few days.

Taking the time to tune into yourself, tunes into the energy around you. Once you’re tuned in, you’re all good to go.

Harvest the energy of the harvest moon this weekend, and tap into your inner Aquarius ;)

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